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Spring- A spring starter application of fertilizer and pre emergent weed control will help eliminate weeds before they get a chance to develop as well jump start the lawn with an abundance of nutrients. 

Late Spring- A proven combination of the best fertilizer and broadleaf weed control will clear out dandelions and more than 40 other common broadleaf weeds. This will help insure a healthy, beautiful lawn. 

Early Summer- A special blend of our slow release fertilizer will help keep your lawn green and healthy even under harsh summer conditions. 

Late Summer- This critical enhancement application will continue to green and thicken your lawn, and provide a final attack on broadleaf weeds, by applying a heavier feeding which not only makes your lawn greener, it makes it healthier. 

Fall- A special winterizing feeding is made late fall, this will protect your lawn during the harsh winter months, while providing essential nutrients for early spring green up. that's how great lawns are made, by compounding the improvements from one season to the next 


Insect Control

Insects both surface and subsurface and can cause major damage to your lawn. Moles feed on these insects causing extensive damage to your lawn by tunneling 

Core Aeration

This process will take plugs out of the lawn that are about 3” in length. This will leave your lawn looking new and allow the water to soak in and start retaining water 

Soil Amending

Lime and Gypsum will adjust soil acidity levels in your lawn, allowing for new growth and a greener thicker lawn

Tree and Shrub Fertilizing

Tree Fertilizing is one of the best ways to promote the long term health of your trees. We use the deep-root method of fertilizing 

Over Seeding

Over seeding is a key piece to achieving a beautiful lawn. Each year some of the grass in your lawn will die. It is best to replenish your lawn each year.  

Areas We Service

Serving the Northern Suburbs… Circle Pines, Lexington, Blaine, Lino Lakes, Mounds View, North Oaks, Shoreview, Roseville, Arden Hills, Maplewood, Little Canada, Oakdale, Woodbury, Forest Lake, Lake Elmo, White Bear Lake, Vadnais Height 

Additional areas available upon request. 

With Advantage Green you will see a thicker, lusher more greener yard after just a couple treatments. We use nothing but the finest products that are safe for kids, dogs and whatever else comes along the way. Your neighbors will envy your new lawn every time they stroll by. Start enjoying your weekends and get Advantage Green 

For all inquires or Free Estimate contact -Ed Lawry

Email or call and leave your name, address and phone number.

Phone: 763-229-0895


Find us on Facebook Advantage Green

Advantage Green has 20 plus years experience as a family owned and operated business specializing in turf management and local lawn care practices.  We use the highest quality slow release fertilizers available that help reduce stress to your lawn.  These products are also safe for kids, dogs and are environment friendly to elp protect our wildlife and water shed.  

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